Mathematics Toolset

…For industry or research.

Over the coming months, I’ll be posting articles as part of a series on setting up a toolset for Mathematics work in industry or research.

I’ll be emphasizing open source software. Though the primary target is the Windows PC platform (dominant in industry), I will list alternatives for Linux/Unix.

The current plan is to cover the following packages / applications. If you don’t see your favorite package or application area, drop me a note.

Platforms for Computation / Visualization/ Scripting:

  • Maxima (Maple / Mathematica) – useful for symbolical mathematics done in closed form, as opposed to numerical methods of R and Octave. Includes facilities for symbolical algebra, calculus, differential equations. ARTICLE READY: Maxima for Symbolic Computation.
  • R (S-Plus) – useful for statistics, graphing, data visualization, and various types of analysis (including financial, signal processing, fuzzy logic, cluster analysis, and many of the areas discussed in the article Knowledge Engineering
  • Octave (Matlab) – useful for matrix algebra, computation, data visualization, and various types of applied mathematical and engineering analysis
  • Sage (Mathematica) – also for symbolical mathematics done in closed form.
  • For fun: GeoGebra (Geometer’s Sketchpad) – a platform for ruler and compass Euclidean geometry. Excellent learning companion for school students and teachers.

Professional Publishing

  • LaTeX / TeX – a powerful typesetting platform that produces “camera-ready” print with a minimum of fuss, even for difficult material such as mathematics. ARTICLES READY: (i) Part 1, (ii) Part 2, and (iii) Part 3.

Visualization and Calculation

  • GraphViz – sophisticated graph and network theoretic engine for the planar layout and visualization of complex graphs and networks
  • Hexelon Max

Rapid Prototyping Languages

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Perl

Numerical / Computational Libraries

  • GSL (Gnu Scientific Library)
  • R packages
  • Octave toolboxes
  • Ruby gems

Stay tuned!

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